Tampa Dolphin Watching Guide

November 28, 2018

  The amazing Bottle Nose Dolphin is by far one of Florida’s main attractions and this is the complete guide to the Tampa areas best places to learn and interact with them. These beautiful animals have captures the hearts and imaginations of residents and tourists alike for many reasons.  They are extremely captivating to watch, as they perform aerial maneuvers following behind our wake. However, watching them slowly cruise the warm gulf waters, towards Tampa bay at sunset is priceless.  As a charter captain in the Tampa Bay area I  get to experience first hand the  intelligence and playfulness of the magical dolphins.  They appear out of nowhere and play in our wake as they circle the boat all the while making eye contact with my customers.

Starting out with the absolute best way to learn about our local dolphin and wildlife is  booking a private charter aboard one of my beautiful 33 foot cruisers. Aboard you will get a intimate and relaxing tour of the coastal waters. you will learn about the dolphin habitat and get up close and personal as they swim in our wake and circle the boat.  Our vessel is the ultimate in comfort as we have a full restroom, galley and air conditioned cabin if you need to cool off or rest.  We cruise tidal pools at your own pace and are always able to stop at local  eateries, breweries and boardwalks to give you the ultimate gulf coast adventure.  Explore our cruises to pick the perfect adventure!

Second to none in Dolphin expertise and viewing is  the  Clearwater Marine Aquarium. There you can find our local star Winter from the movie Dolphin Tale. There the areas best work to rehab and heal injured wildlife and work to educate on environmental issues that effect the coastal wildlife.  They also are leaders in educational  programs such as camps and school outreach programs. Don’t visit Saint Petersburg/ Clearwater without making a stop.

Take it from me the best place to watch dolphin from shore is Johns Pass Village and Boardwalk. It’s a quiet spot with many shops and eateries right on the inlet. Dolphin often swim just feet away from you as you eat and shop. You’ll love the local flare, It is a must stop if you’re in the area.  

  Take it from me as a local charter captain, Follow this guide the next time you’re in the Saint Petersburg area and all you’re dolphin dreams will come true. Steer clear of overcrowded dolphin party boats that are uncomfortable and  pushy.  For almost the same cost my private cruiser is at your service. Take care of the environment, respect nature and the sea and I’ll see you on the water.

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